ISSN 2708-5341

The scientific journal named “The scientific method”
was created in 2016 by a team of Polish scientists together with scientists from Russia and Ukraine to maintain the scientific dialogue between Europe and the CIS countries. We believe that such collaboration shall be fruitful and productive for our authors (as the experience in publishing in international journals is of high importance for any scientist) and for the development of science in general.

The journal is a batch of articles embracing all fields of modern sciences, enabling our readers seeing a wholesome picture of the development of science. The multi-science format attracts readers from throughout the world, which increases the citation index of each author of our journal.

“People must see our work; they need to see what is happening in the world of science and that science has no boundaries not in themes, not in geography” – said Mariusz Novak on some sort of an international conference, after which we have repeatedly discussed the possibility of establishing such a journal and came to the conclusion about necessity of creation of “The scientific method” as an International journal.

The main direction of “The scientific method” publishing house is to publish scientific articles. We publish works of researchers, university professors, teachers, doctoral students, and post-graduate students. Publication of scientific papers in the journal is made on a monthly basis to a certain day of each month.

The journal is registered and published in Poland

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